Comprehensive Parking Study

ConnecToledo, Downtown Development Corporation, is partnering with the City of Toledo, Lucas County, Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and the Downtown Toledo Improvement District to conduct a comprehensive parking study. The purpose of the study is to forecast future parking demand, and create strategies for that demand while balancing, and in some instances encouraging, alternative transportation modes. Alternative transportation could include transit bicycling and walking as well as technology such as autonomous vehicles and apps to locate parking. The study is reviewing the current use of parking lots, garages and meters, and looking to usage over the next 5 to 10-year period.

By considering both on-street and off-street parking together as a system, we can manage parking so that it meets the needs of all visitors, while ensuring sustainable practices and financial responsibility.

A public survey was completed by ConnecToledo in July, 2018. View here.

Parking Study Resources:

2017 On-Street Parking Study of downtown Toledo View here

American Planning Association's Planning Advisory Service on Parking Management View here

2018 Comprehensive Parking Study of downtown Toledo View here